Latin For Two (book/CD)

  • Autore Bernd Frank

Schott Music
Difficulty : Easy
Piano Duets

Bernd Frank, professor of jazz piano and music theory at the Mainz Musikhochschule, wrote these easy pieces (of which there are eight) for piano duet for beginner's lessons. As in Diabelli's famous 'Melodious Exercises', the primo player plays within the pentatonic scale. This nevertheless led to the creation of rhythmically and melodiously interesting pieces – with interesting harmonies, fascinating Latin rhythms and song-like melodies. The accompanying CD contains both full versions and play-along versions of all pieces – for playing along at home.

Give Me Five
Let's Go For A Walk
Let's Dance
Ramba Samba
Rocking Sun
Amelie Loves Mambo

Bernd Frank

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