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The Language of Drumming (book/CD)

Ref.: Benny Greb

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Autore: Benny Greb

Publisher : Hudson Music
Benny Greb - The Language of Drumming
A System for Musical Expression

Following up and expanding on the concepts presented in his best-selling DVD of the same name, Benny here brings forth a wealth of practice material for drummers of all styles and levels, presented in a beautifully illustrated book with a timeless, classic look.
The Language of Drumming Book
 teaches a complete system for achieving freedom of expression on the drumset. Benny's approach is a practical method that is based on a concept familiar to everyone: learning a language. Providing exercises for grooves, fills, independence, and more, this system progresses from rhythmic “letters” and “words” to “syntax” and “language,” ultimately providing an easily understandable system that is suitable for beginning to advanced-level drummers. Included along the way are new hi-hat groove variations, dozens of ghost-note exercises, and a complete system for mastering odd groupings (3, 5, and 7) in your playing.

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The Language of Drumming (book/CD)

The Language of Drumming (book/CD)