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The Language of Drumming Book (book/ DVD & Audio Online)

Ref.: Benny Greb

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Autore: Benny Greb

Publisher : Hudson Music
New Edition
A System for Musical Expression

A complete method for drumset that combines the best-selling video with a companion play-along book. The video is available as a download or it can be streamed online with a unique code.

With The Language of Drumming, Benny Greb presents a complete system for achieving freedom of expression on the drumset. Benny’s approach is a practical method that is based on a concept familiar to everyone: learning a language. Providing exercises for grooves, fills, independence, and more, this system progresses from rhythmic “letters” and “words” to “syntax” and “language,” ultimately providing an easily understandable system that is suitable for beginning to advanced-level drummers.

The book presents various ways for learning each step of the language of drumming. The “letters” are presented individually, and then in context with dynamics, rudiments, as bass drum and hi-hat components of full drumset grooves, and as ghost notes within grooves. “Words” take you into the realm of 3-,5-, and 7-note groupings and dozens of ways to articulate them on the drums. “Syntax” and “language” enable you to take the “letters” and “words” and apply them as advanced linear concepts that will greatly expand your groove and fill vocabulary. The combination of rhythmic permutations coupled with stickings and odd groupings in this material will expand the palette of drummers of all styles and levels.

The digital audio tracks can be streamed or downloaded. These are play-along tracks designed for practicing various concepts in the book.

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