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ABCs of Vocal Harmony (book/4 CD)

Ref.: Elisabeth Howard

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Autore: Elisabeth Howard

Publisher : Alfred Music
English Edition

Charts, transposing, finding your key
Key Signatures
Glossary of Musical Terms

No prior music knowledge required. Nuts and bolts music theory course with hundreds of ear-training exercises.Here's a course that will sharpen your sense of pitch and enable you to sing harmony with the best professionals. Includes sing-a-long exercises where you fill in the missing note in an interval or chord.
Topics included are: Scales - major, minor, blues, pentatonic, chromatic, whole tone, and modes; Intervals - all intervals are included in this section; Chords - major, minor, diminished, augmented, 7th chords, dominant, add 9 chords, 6th chords; Rhythm & Meter - time signatures, simple rhythms, dotted rhythms, triplets, syncopation; Charts & Transpositions.
Unique feature: how to harmonize with other singers. You'll hear a well trained duo who sing two notes and then ask you to add the third note. Slowly, your note fades to test your pitch. Great training for a any harmony group singer.

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