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Guitar Chords in Context - Part One

Ref.: Joseph Alexander

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Publisher : Fundamental Changes
Guitar Chords in Context - Construction and Application
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Do you get tired of having to look up a guitar chord every time you try to learn a new song? Have you tried memorising chords only to find out you’ve forgotten them all the next day? Do you get stuck playing the same few chords in one place on the fretboard?
You need more than just a chord dictionary… you need to understand how chords are constructed and to really know your fretboard so you can play any chord anywhere on your guitar.

"Guitar Chords in Context" is a complete guitar chord method that teaches you to build, understand and play every chord in modern music.

• A complete, useful and musical way to master chords for guitar
• Three voicings of every important chord type, along with their theory, construction and use in music so you can play any chord in any song without sounding boring
• Over 100 pages of clear, high resolution diagrams covering the construction of every common guitar chord type
• Over 110 audio examples and backing tracks you can download for free to enhance your practice

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