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Aebersold 84 - Dominant Seventh Workout (book/2 CD)

Ref.: Aebersold 84

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Autore: Jamey Aebersold

Jamey Aebersold Volume 84

Intermediate/Advanced. The Dominant Seventh is possibly the most substituted, colored, and altered sound in modern music. Its flexibility and distinctive nature made it a favorite of composers throughout the 20th century and allowed it to dominate Blues and Rock And Roll. This unique Play-A-Long explores the very nature of the Dom. 7th sound and describes different ways jazz masters have used it for color and texture. Many written patterns will open your ears and extended tracks on 2 CDs will allow you to practice licks and patterns, refine your technique and reaction time, and give you the skills to navigate Dominant 7ths with confidence.

Rhythm Section: Jamey Aebersold (p); Tyrone Wheeler (b); Steve Davis (d)

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