Jose Jimenez - El Viejin, Volume 3

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The transcription of Jose Jimenez El Viejin's album "Algo que decir" is the first work published by the founder of the sophisticated and mysterious ""Cano Roto"" style of guitar. This musically and technically complex style is unique to the gypsy neighborhood Cano Roto in Madrid, where the highest concentration of flamenco guitarists in the world can be found. This album was awarded the "Discovery of the Year 1.999" prize by the Spanish Press Association. The album features such artists as guitar maestro Paco de Lucia, Montse Cortes, Carles Benavent, Antonio Canales, Ramnn el Portugues, Bernardo Parrilla and Luki Losada.

The work is divided into three volumes due to the magnitude of the musical text , and due to the number of explanations of the palos and falsetas that go with the sheet music for each piece.

• For the first time, the guitar accompaniment to the singing has been transcribed completely,
• As have the parts where there is more than one guitar.
• In the "Comments and Suggestions" chapters, the tunings used in each piece are explained in detail, as are the flamenco scales and chord progressions found in each tonality. In addition, the clapping and foot-tapping patterns are described in detail. These aspects, not often explored in the flamenco literature, are essential to correctly keeping the compas.
• In the "Analysis" part, El Viejin's techniques and his interpretation of each palo are explained falseta by falseta.

A mi hijo Jonatan (Minera)      
Cano Roto (Solea por Bulerias)      
Cuatros (Sevillanas)

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Jose Jimenez - El Viejin, Volume 3

Jose Jimenez - El Viejin, Volume 3

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