Rob Lewis - Crosstraining (book/2 CD)

Ref.: Rob Lewis

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Autore: Bob Lewis

Mel Bay Publications
Level: Beginning-Intermediate

Looking for a way to improve your playing? Stuck in a rut with your practice routine? Here's an excellent way to get a whole new perspective and improve your musicianship too!
"Crosstraining in percussion" means applying the rhythms and techniques, stickings and phrasing that you're already familiar with to new instruments you wish to learn.
If you are a drummer who wants to learn to solo, what better way than to be able to play the song itself, melodically, on another instrument that's played with your drummer's muscles? And you mallet players out there can play more concise, rhythmically accurate solos, if you can employ the precision required to play Funk, Rudimental, or Fusion drums!
"Crosstraining" enables the multi-faceted percussionist develop his/her skills by applying a specific rhythm or technique, one at a time, to all the instruments in their collection.
The book includes 2 CDs of material to learn from and practice with.

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Rob Lewis - Crosstraining (book/2 CD)

Rob Lewis - Crosstraining (book/2 CD)

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