Hal Leonard Bass Method: Bass Lines (book/Audio Online)

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Publisher : Hal Leonard
500 Grooves • All Styles • All Levels
Notazione tradizionale e TAB
Softcover Audio Online

500 expertly written bass lines, riffs and fills in a wide variety of musical genres are included in this comprehensive collection to help players expand their bass vocabulary. The examples cover many tempos, keys and feels, and include easy bass lines for beginners on up to advanced riffs for more experienced bassists – all with high-quality, full band audio demonstration tracks.

Incorporating special techniques such as bends, chords, octaves, melodic runs and more, a huge assortment of practical ideas for practice and performance are provided. Styles covered include blues, country, EDM, funk and R&B, jazz, metal, rock and pop, slap and world music.

Audio Sample
Audio Sample

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