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Gipsy Guitar: Rumbas Flamencas... y mas (DVD)

Ref.: Gerhard Graf-Martinez

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Autore: Gerhard Graf-Martinez

Publisher : Schott Music
Language : English, deutsch

In this volume Gerhard Graf-Martinez deals specifically with the Hispanic American form of the varied flamenco: the Rumba Flamenca. It is with this style of flamenco that groups such as the Gipsy Kings hit the international charts and which has become the epitome of the flamenco to many people. In 'Gipsy Guitar', the author leads every interested guitar player safely into the world of the Rumba Flamenca, providing him with solo and accompanying techniques in the form of music, tablature and two brilliant CD recordings. 

  La Rumba
  Rhythm-Pattern 1
  Rhythm-Pattern 2
  Caballos Blancos
  Tresillos I
  Golpe with Middle Finger
  Rhythm-Pattern 3
  La Habana de ida
  Tresillos II
  La Habana de vuelta
  Rhythm-Pattern 4
  La Morita
  Rhythm-Pattern 5
  Rhythm-Pattern 6
  Sierra Blanca

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