Brazilian Rhythm Section Training (book/CD)

Ref.: Guilherme Castro

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Autore: Guilherme Castro

Publisher: Advance Music

If you play the drums, percussion, bass, guitar, or keyboard, and are interested in Brazilian rhythms, this book is for you! You will learn how to translate the main percussion rhythms which are typical for Brazilian music styles, into your instrument. You will also learn how to interact with fellow musicians, avoiding unnecessary repetition and adding transparency to the rhythm section.

The book contains brief explanations of jargons, history and styles and also provides useful information on what to hear, what to read and how to find sheet music, among other useful tips.

This book reflects the perspective of a Brazilian musician living in Europe, where he came across a sincere interest for Brazilian music but lots of difficulties concerning its rhythm.

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Brazilian Rhythm Section Training (book/CD)

Brazilian Rhythm Section Training (book/CD)

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