The Real Book: Volume II (Bb Instruments)

Ref.: Various Artists

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Publisher : Hal Leonard
Composer: Various Composers
Bb Edition
Series : The Real Book

(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings [Rome, Harold] [Herpin, Laurent]   
 52nd Street Theme [Monl, Thelonious]   
 A Ballad [Mulligan, Gerry]   
 A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing [Strayhorn, Billy]   
 A Fool To Want You [Wolf, Jack] [Herron, Joel] [Sinatra, Frank]   
 A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening McHugh, Jimmy] [Adamson, Harold]   
 A Portrait Of Jenny [Burdge, Gordon] [Robinson, J. Russell]   
 A Walkin’ Thing [Carter, Jerry]   
 A Weaver Of Dreams [Young, Victor] [Elliott, Jack]   
 A Wonderful Day Like Today [Bricusse, Leslie] [Newley, Anthony]   
 Ablution [Tristand, Lennie]   
 Adam’s Apple [Shorter, Wayne]   
 Affirmation [Feliciano, José]   
 Air Mail Special [Goodman, Benny] [Mundy, Jimmy] [Christian, Charlie]   
 Alfie’s Theme [Rollins, Sonny]   
 All Alone (Left Alone) [Holiday, Billie] [Waldron, Mal]   
 Alto Itis [Nelson, Oliver, E.]   
 Another Star [Wonder, Stevie]   
 April Skies [Collette, Buddy]   
 Are You Havin’ Any Fun [Fain, Sammy] [Yellen, Jack]   
 Ask Me Now [Monk, Thelonious]   
 At The Mambo Inn [Sampson, Grace] [Woodlen, Bobby] [Bauza, Mario]   
 Avalon [Rose, Vincent] [Jolson, Al] [DeSylva, B. G.]   
 Azure [Ellington, Duke]   
 Baby, It’s Cold Outside [Loesser, Frank]   
 Bags And Trane [Jackson, Milt]   
 Bags’ Groove [Jackson, Milt]   
 Bali Ha’i [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]   
 Baltimore Oriole [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Webster, Paul Francis]   
 Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are (Bolivar Blues) [Monk, Thelonious]   
 Barbados [Parker, Charlie]   
 Barbara [Silver, Horace]   
 Basin Street Blues [Williams, Spencer]   
 Be-Bop [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’]   
 Better Leave It Alone [Jordan, Clifford]   
 Beyond The Sea [Trenet, Charles] [Lasry, Albert] [Lawrence, Jack]   
 Big P [Heath, Jimmy]   
 Bill’s Hit Tune [Evans, Bill]   
 Billie’s Blues (I Love My Man) [Holiday, Billie]   
 Billie’s Bounce (Bill’s Bounce) [Parker, Charlie]   
 Bird Feathers [Parker, Charlie]   
 Birdland [Zawinul, Josef]   
 Birk’s Works [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’]   
 Black And Tan Fantasy [Ellington, Duke] [Miley, Bub]   
 Blame It On My Youth [Levant, Oscar] [Heyman, Edward]   
 Bloomdido [Parker, Charlie]    
 Blow Mr. Dexter [Gordon, Dexter]   
 Blue N’ Boogie [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’] [Paparelli, Frank]   
 Blue Serge [Ellington, Mercer]   
 Blue Seven [Rollins, Sonny]   
 Blue Silver [Silver, Horace]   
 Blue Skies [Berlin, Irving]   
 Blues By Five [Garland, Red]   
 Blues For Wood [Woody, Shaw]   
 Blues In The Closet [Pettiford, Oscar]   
 Blues March [Golson, Benny]   
 Bohemia After Dark [Pettiford, Oscar]   
 Booker’s Waltz [Little, Booker]   
 Bouncing With Bud [Legrand, Michel]   
 Brian’s Song [Powell, Earl Bud] [Fuller, Walter]   
 Bright Boy [Bright, John]   
 Brilliant Corners [Monk, Thelonious]   
 Budo [Davis, Miles] [Powell, Bud]   
 Bunko [Niehous, Lennie]   
 Buster Rides Again [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]   
 Bye Bye Blackbird [Henderson, Ray] [Dixon, Mort]   
 Candy [Kramer, Alex] [Whitney, Joan] [David, Mack]   
 Cantelope Island [Herbie, Hancock]   
 Caravan [Ellington, Duke]   
 Cast Your Fate To The Wind [Guaraldi, Vince] [Werver, Carel]   
 Chameleon [Hancock, Herbie] [Jackson, Paul] [Mason, Harvey] [Maupin, Bennie]   
 Chasin’ The Trane [Coltrane, John]   
 Cheesecake [Gordon, Dexter]   
 Circle [Davis, Miles]   
 C-Jam Blues [Ellington, Duke]    
 Close Your Eyes [Petkere, Bernice]   
 Cold Duck Time [Harris, Eddie]   
 Come Rain Or Come Shine [Arlen, Harold] [Mercer, Johnny]    
 Comin’ Home Baby [Dorough, Bob] [Tucker, Ben]   
 Cool Blues [Parker, Charlie]   
 Cousin Mary [Coltrane, John]   
 Crazeology [Harris, Bennie]   
 Crepuscule [Reinhardt, Django] [Blanche, F.]   
 Criss Cross [Monk, Thelonious]   
 Crosscurrent [Tristano, Lennie]   
 Dance Of The Infidels [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]   
 Dat Dere [Timmons, Bobby]   
 Day By Day [Cahn, Sammy] [Stordahl, Axel] [Weston, Paul]   
 Dewey Square [Parker, Charlie]   
 Dexter Rides Again [Gordon, Dexter] [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]   
 Didn’t We [Webb, Jimmy]   
 Dinah [Akst, Harry] [Lewis, Sam M.] [Young, Joe]   
 Dindi [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [De Oliveira, Aloysio] [Gilbert, Ray]   
 Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful? [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]   
 Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me [Ellington, Duke] [Russell, Bob]   
 Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans [De Lange, Eddie] [Alter, Louis]   
 Don’t Explain [Holiday, Billie] [Herzog, Arthur]   
 Down For Double [Greene, Fred]   
 Doxy [Rollins, Sonny]   
 Duff [Hawes, Hampton]   
 Early Autumn [Burns, Ralph] [Herman, Woody]   
 Eclypso [Flanagan, Tommy]   
 Einbahnstrasse [Carter, Ron]   
 Elora [Johnson, J. J.]   
 Emancipation Blues [Nelson, Oliver]   
 Epilogue [Evans, Bill]   
 Estate [Martino, Bruno] [Brighetti, Bruno]   
 Everything I Have Is Yours [Lane, Burton] [Adamson, Harold]   
 Eye Of The Hurricane [Hancock, Herbie]   
 Ezz-Thetic [Russell, George]   
 Farmer’s Trust [Metheny, Pat]   
 Feels So Good [Mangione, Chuck]   
 Fever [Davenport, John] [Cooley, Eddie]   
 Filthy McNasty [Silver, Horace]   
 First Trip [Carter, Ron]   
 Five Brothers [Mulligan, Gerry]   
 Five Spot After Dark [Golson, Benny]   
 Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) [Howard, Bart]   
 Flying Home [Goodman, Benny] [Hampton, Lionel]   
 Four Brothers [Guiffre, Jimmy]   
 Fox Hunt [Johnson, J. J.]   
 Freight Trane [Flanagan, Tommy]   
 Frenesi [Dominguez, Alberto]   
 Funky [Burrell, Kenny]   
 Georgia On My Mind [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Gorrell, Stuart]   
 Get Me To The Church On Time [Lerner, Alan Jay] [Loewe, Frederick]   
 Get Out Of Town [Porter, Cole]   
 Gettin’ It Togetha [Timmons, Bobby]   
 Girl Talk [Hefti, Neal] [Troup, Bobby]   
 Gravy Waltz [Brown, Ray] [Allen, Steve]   
 Gregory Is Here [Silver, Horace]   
 Grooveyard [Perkins, Carl]   
 Hackensack [Monk, Thelonious]   
 Hallucinations [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]   
 Happy Little Sunbeam [Freeman, Russell]   
 Havona [Pastorius, Jaco]   
 Head And Shoulders [Walton, Cedar]   
 Hi Beck [Konitz, Lee]   
 High Fly [Weston, Randy]   
 Ho-Ba-La-La [Gimbel, Norman] [Gilberto, Joao]   
 Hocus-Pocus [Morgan, Lee]   
 Holy Land [Walton, Cedar]   
 Honeysuckle Rose [Waller, Thomas ‘Fats’] [Razaf, Andy]   
 Horace Scope [Silver, Horace]   
 Hummin’ [Adderley, Nat]   
 Humpty Dumpty [Corea, Chick]   
 I Believe In You [Loesser, Frank]   
 I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance [Young, Victor] [Crosby, Bing] [Washington, Ned]   
 I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes) [Carmichael, Hoagy]   
 I Have Dreamed [Rodgers, Richard]   
 I Hear A Rhapsody [Fragos, George] [Baker, Jack] [Gasparre, Dick]   
 I Remember Bird [Feather, Leonard]   
 I Remember You [Schertzinger, Victor] [Mercer, Johnny]   
 I Thought About You [Van Heusen, Jimmy] [Mercer, Johnny]   
 I Will Wait For You [Legrand, Michel] [Demy, Jacques] [Gimbel, Norman]   
 I Wish I Didn’t Love You So [Loesser, Frank]   
 I’ll Know [Loesser, Frank]   
 I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You) [Neiburg, Al] [Dougherty, Doc] [Reynolds, Ellis]   
 I’m Just A Lucky So And So [Ellington, Duke] [David, Mack]   
 I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Basket [Berlin, Irving]   
 I’ve Found A New Baby (I Found A New Baby) [Palmer, Jack] [Williams, Spencer]   
 I’ve Told Ev’ry Little Star [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]   
 Ice Cream Kontiz [Konitz, Lee]   
 Idol Gossip [Mulligan, Gerry]    
 My Old Flame [Johnson, Arthur] [Coslow, Sam]   
 Nature Boy [Ahbez, Eden]   
 Night Song [Adams, Lee] [Strouse, Charles]   
 No Moe [Rollins, Sonny]   
 No Splice [Konitz, Lee]   
 North Atlantic Run [Mulligan, Gerry]   
 Now See How You Are [Pettiford, Oscar] [Harris, Woody]   
 Now’s The Time [Parker, Charlie]   
 Nutville [Silver, Horace]   
 Off Minor [Monk, Thelonious]   
 Oh What A Beautiful Mornin’ [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]   
 Old Devil Moon [Lane, Burton] [Harburg, E. Y.]   
 On The Sunny Side Of The Street [McHugh, Jimmy] [Fields, Dorothy]   
 One By One [Shorter, Wayne]   
 One Foot In The Gutter [Terry, Clark]   
 One Morning In May [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Parish, Mitchell]   
 Our Language Of Love [Monnot, Marguerite] [Breffort, Alexandre] 
 Out Back Of The Barn [Mulligan, Gerry]   
 Oye Como Va [Puente, Tito]   
 Pannonica [Monk, Thelonious]   
 Parisian Thoroughfare [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]   
 Peel Me A Grape [Frishberg, Dave]   
 Pennies From Heaven [Johnson, Arthur] [Burke, John]   
 People Will Say We’re In Love [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]   
 Perdido [Tizol, Juan] [Lenk, Harry] [Drake, Ervin]   
 Petite Fleur (Little Flower) [Bechet, Sidney]   
 Petits Machins [Davis, Miles] [Evans, Gil]   
 Phase Dance [Metheny, Pat] [Mays, Lyle]   
 Picadillo (A La Puente) [Puente, Tito]   
 Pick Yourself Up [Kern, Jerome] [Fields, Dorothy]   
 Polka Dots And Moonbeams [Van Heusen, Jimmy] [Burke, Johnny]    
 Prisoner Of Love [Robin, Leo] [Gaskill, Clarence] [Columbo, Russ]   
 Pursuance (Part III) [Coltrane, John]   
 Question & Answer [Metheny, Pat]   
 Quicksilver [Silver, Horace]   
 Ran Kan Kan [Puente, Tito]   
 Red Cross [Parker, Charlie]   
 Rhythm-A-Ning [Monk, Thelonious]   
 Right As Rain [Arlen, Harold] [Harburg, E. Y.]   
 Robbin’s Nest [Thompson, Sir Charles] [Jacquet, ‘Illinois’]   
 Rockin’ In Rhythm [Ellington, Duke] [Mills, Irving] [Carney, Harry]   
 Rosetta [Hines, Earl] [Wood, Henri]   
 Round Trip [Coleman, Ornette]   
 Route 66 [Troup, Bobby]   
 Rubberneck [Rosolino, Frank]   
 Russian Lullaby [Berlin, Irving]   
 S’Posin [Razaf, Andy] [Denniker, Paul]   
 Sack Of Woe [Adderley, Julian]   
 Saint James Infirmary [Primrose, Joe]   
 Salt Peanuts [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’] [Clarke, Kenny]   
 Sandu [Brown, Clifford]   
 Say It (Over And Over Again) [Loesser, Frank] [McHugh, Jimmy]   
 Sentimental Journey [Green, Bud] [Brown, les] [Homer, Ben]   
 September Song [Weil, Kurt] [Anderson, Maxwell]   
 Serenade To A Soul Sister [Silver, Horace]   
 Serene [Dolphy, Eric]   
 Shine [Dabney, Ford] [Mack, Cecil] [Brown, Lew]   
 Shutterbug [Johnson, J. J.]   
 Silver’s Serenade [Silver, Horace]   
 Simone [Foster, Frank]   
 Sippin’ At Bells [Davis, Miles]   
 Skyliner [Barnet, Charlie]   
 Slipped Disc [Goodman, Benny]   
 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [Kern, Jerome] [Harbach, Otto]   
 Smoke Rings [Gifford, H. Eugene] [Washington, Ned]   
 Softly As A Morning Sunrise [Romberg, Sigmund] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]   
 Some Other Blues [Coltrane, John]   
 Song For Bilbao [Metheny, Pat]   
 Songbird (Thank You For Your Lovely Song) [McGlotton, Loonis]   
 Soul Eyes [Waldron, Mal]    
 Soultrane [Dameron, Tadd]   
 Speak Child [Hancock, Herbie]   
 Speak Low [Weill, Kurt] [Nash, Ogden]   
 Spiral [Coltrane, John]   
 St. Louis Blues [Handy W. C.]   
 St. Thomas [Rollins, Sonny]   
 Stardust [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Parish, Mitchell]   
 Straight Life [Hubbard, Freddie]   
 Strayhorn 2 [Mulligan Gerry]   
 Strode Rode [Rollins, Sonny]   
 Strollin [Silver, Horace]   
 Struttin’ With Some Barbeque [Hardin Armstrong, Lillian] [Raye, Don]   
 Subconscious Lee [Kontiz, Lee]   
 Suddenly It’s Spring [Van Heusen, James] [Burke, Johnny]   
 Summer In Central Park [Silver, Horace]   
 Sweet Sue- Just You [Young, Victor] [Harris, Will J.]   
 Syeeda’s Song Flute [Coltrane, John]   
 Tain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It) [Oliver, Sy] [Young, James]   
 Take The Coltrane [Ellington, Duke]   
 Tanga [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’]   
 Tangerine [Schertzinger, Victor] [Mercer, Johnny]   
 Teenie’s Blues [Nelson, Oliver E.]   
 Tempus Fugit [Powell, Earl Bud]   
 Tenderly [Gross, Walter] [Lawrence, Jack]   
 Tenor Madness [Rollins, Sonny]   
 The Birth Of The Blues [Henderson, Ray] [DeSylva, B. G.] [Brown, Lew]   
 The Champ [Gillespie, Dizzy]   
 The Cooker [Benson, George]   
 The Core [Hubbard, Freddie]   
 The Drive [Nelson, Oliver, E.]   
 The Folks Who Live On The Hill [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]   
 The Frim Fram Sauce [Ricardel, Joe] [Evans, Redd]   
 The Gift! (Recado Bossa Nova) [Ferreira, Djalma] [Antonio, Luiz] 
 The Hucklebuck [Gibson, Andy]   
 The Jody Grind [Silver, Horace]   
 The Kicker [Henderson, Joe]   
 The Last Time I Saw Paris [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]   
 The Masquerade [Russell, Leon]   
 The Nearness Of You [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Washington, Ned]   
 The Red One [Metheny, Pat]    
 The Sweetest Sounds [Rodgers, Richard]   
 The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues [Koffman, Moe] [Roberts, Rhoda] [Jacobson, Kenny]   
 The Things We Did Last Summer [Styne, Jule] [Cahn, Sammy]   
 The Thumper [Heath, Jimmy]    
 The Way You Look Tonight [Kern, Jerome] [Fields, Dorothy]   
 The Whopper [Metheny, Pat]   
 Theme From Mr. Broadway [Brubeck, Dave]   
 There’s A Small Hotel [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]   
 These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) [Strachey, Jack] [Marvell, Holt]   
 Things To Come [Gillespie, Dizzy] [Fuller, Gil]   
 This I Dig Of You [Mobley, Hank]   
 This Year’s Kisses [Berlin, Irving]   
 Three Base Hit [Martino, Pat]   
 Till There Was You [Willson, Meredith]   
 Tippin’ [Silver, Horace]   
 Tomorrow’s Destiny [Shaw, Woody]   
 Too Young[ Lippman, Sid] [Dee, Sylvia]   
 Trane’s Blues [Coltrane, John]   
 Turnaround [Coleman, Ornette]   
 Twisted [Gray, Wardell]   
 Two Cigarettes In The Dark [Pollack, Lew] [Webster, Paul Francis]   
 Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West [Lewis, John]   
 Until I Met You [Green, Freddie] [Wolf, Don]   
 Walkin’ Shoes [Mulligan, Gerry]   
 Warm Valley [Ellington, Duke]   
 Watch What Happens [Legrand, Michael] [Demy, Jacques] [Gimbel, Norman]   
 Watercolors [Metheny, Pat]   
 Webb City [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]   
 Wendy [Desmond, Paul]   
 What’ll I Do? [Berlin, Irving]   
 What’s New? [Haggard, Bob] [Burke, Johnny]   
 When Lights Are Low [Carter, Benny] [Williams, Spencer]   
 Whisper Not [Golson, Benny]   
 Who Can I turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) [Briclisse, Leslie] [Newley, Anthony]   
 Why Do I Love You [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]   
 Willow Weep For Me [Ronell, Ann]   
 With A Song In My Heart [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]   
 Without A Song [Rose, Willism] [Elisch, Edward] [Youmans, Vincent]   
 Work Song [Adderly, Nat] [Brown Jnr, Oscar]   
 Wow [Tristano, Lennie]   
 Yardbird Suite [Parker, Charlie]   
 You Are Beautiful [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]   
 You Can Depend On Me [Carpenter, Charles] [Dunlop, Louis] [Hines, Earl]   
 You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To [Porter, Cole]   
 You’re My Everything [Warren, Harry] [Dixon, Mort] [Young, Joe]   
 You’re Nobody Til’ Somebody Loves You [Morgan, Russ] [Cavanaugh, James

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