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Walking Bass Line: Module System 2 (book/DVD)

Ref.: Todd Johnson

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Autore: Todd Johnson

Alfred Music Publications
Todd Johnson Walking Bass Line Module System, Volume 2: Scale Modules
Standard notation and TAB

"The Walking Bass Line Module System" takes the mystery out of learning to play walking bass lines by breaking it down into small bite size chunks that anyone can digest!

In Volume 2 - Scale Module System, you'll learn:
•  4 + 2 fingering system
•  Strong beat/weak beat theory
  Walking over major ii-v-i
  Walking over minor ii-v-i
  My "module" approach to incorporating scales into your bass lines
  Dorian, Mixolydian, Major, Aeolian, Locrian and Spanish Dominant Scales

I've also included bass lines and transcriptions for:
Autumn Leaves
All the Things You Are
How High the Moon
Stella by Starlight

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