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The Basics Of Oud (book/Online video)

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An in-depth instruction manual for the Arabic oud, the ancestor of the lute and guitar. A companion instructional Online DVD is included showing key points to playing the Oud.
Contents include: Holding the oud, Plucking the Strings, Basic Plucking Rules in Arabic Tradition, Positions of Left Hand Fingers, Basic Notes on the oud, Advanced Left-Hand Techniques, Maqamat, and much more. Over 40 tunes are included in the book. Standard notation only.

Al Haluade      
Al Leil      
Ala Dalaouna      
Amazing Grace      
Armenian Song      
Armenian Tune      
Asemoon - The Sky - Maqam Hijaz      
Asemoon - The Sky - Maqam Hijaz Sol      
Bashraf Farah Faza      
Beautiful Bukhare      
Bint el Shalabia      
Blue Ribbon      
Bolujem Ja      
Bosansko Kolo      
Cecen Zizi      
Cecen Zizi      
Celebration Song      
Dulab Bayat      
Dulab Hijaz      
Foq El Nahal      
From the Symphony No. 41      
Greek Folk Melody      
Gule Sangam      
Kanaf Fe Ya Halu      
Lama Baadaha      
Longa Nahawand      
Minuet in G

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