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Music For New Media (book/CD)

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Music For New Media -
Composing for Videogams, Web Sites, Presentations, and other Interactive Media

Videogames, web sites, and other new media are creating more opportunities for contemporary music writers than have ever existed before. In this book, you will learn to write effectively for these new forms, mastering the devices, sounds, and techniques for supporting stories and responding to user actions. It details the technical and dramatic requirements necessary for each type of new media. In engaging language, illustrated by countless real-world examples and practical workshops, writers at all levels will find ways to create music for new markets, and find new opportunities for creative expression. Guided hands-on projects will help you create music in all these forms. A CD of examples and practice files illustrates all concepts and lets you practice the techniques.

Readers will learn to:
• Score videogames, developing music for different characters, addressing the standard types of scenes and cues, and the formats required by game publishers
• Develop music for web sites, including HTML and Flash code
• Use sound technologies within mobile devices to create distinctive ringtones and other sounds
• Create demos and portfolios for getting clients.

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