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Introducing Extended Saxophone Techniques (Book/CD)

Ref.: Curtis MacDonald

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Mel Bay Publications
Level : Advanced

By studying extended techniques, we open ourselves to a very subtle and delicate process of fine-tuning our instrumental abilities, resulting in the discovery of new resonances and sonic prowess. The exercises presented in this book and accompanying audio disc are designed to help cultivate the exquisite skills of refining saxophone sound through a practice of focus, balance and patience that can be applied to any performance style or aesthetic.

Keep your chin up
The Secret
The Chin Push-Up Exercise
Throat Shape, Tongue Positioning, and Sounding the Vowels
Portamento Exercise
Fingerings that Alter Pitch and Timbre
Rhythmic Vibrato
The Sub-Tone Effect
Overtones, Part I
Multiphonics, Part I
Multiphonics, Part II
‘Crow’ pitches
Rhythmic Key Clicks
Circular Breathing

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