Essential Bass Guitar Techniques (book/Audio Online)

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Autore: Chris Kringel

21 Skills Every Serious Player Should Master
Series: Guitar Educational with TAB
Includes access to 86 audio tracks and examples online
Would Jaco Pastorius have been so innovative without great finger style technique and the use of harmonics? Can you imagine a Red Hot Chili Peppers song without Flea's slap bass? Or how about Primus without Les Claypool's quirky slap and tap technique?

Essential Bass Guitar Techniques teach you all of these skills with carefully crafted exercises and inspiring musical examples, which are featured on the accompanying audio. If you're tired of faking your way through your favorite songs because you've always neglected to learn that one special technique, you need this book. Stop skipping over the intricate details and start sounding like a seasoned professional!

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Essential Bass Guitar Techniques (book/Audio Online)

Essential Bass Guitar Techniques (book/Audio Online)

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