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Music From The Movies: Film Noir

Ref.: Jones Derek

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Publisher : Wise Publications
For Solo Piano

A collection of twenty-seven seductively atmospheric and evocative pieces of incidental music from classic film noir movies and contemporary neo-noir cinema, all arranged for solo Piano.

Blood Simple (Blood Simple) [Burwell, Carter]     
Blues For Guylaine (Le Jeu De La Verite) [Hossein, Andre]     
Closing Titles (Insomnia) [Julyan, David]     
End Credits (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid) [Rozsa, Miklos]     
End Credits (The Big Sleep) [Fielding, Jerry]     
Fear And Passion (Sea Of Love) [Jones, Trevor]     
Looking For Johnny/Johnny Favourite (Angel Heart) [Jones, Trevor]     
Love Theme/Jake And Evelyn (Chinatown) [Goldsmith, Jerry]     
Main Theme (The Ususal Suspects) [Ottman, John]     
Main THeme/Hotel Lobby (Rebecca) [Waxman, Franz]     
Main Theme/Trish (The LAst Seduction) [Vitarelli, Joseph]     
Main Title Theme (Force Of Evil) [Raskin, David]     
Main Title Theme (Gilda) [Friedhofer, Hugo]     
Main Title Theme (In A Lonely Place) [Antheil, George]     
Main Title Theme (Sweet Smell OF Success) [Bernstein, Elmer]     
Main Title Theme (The Lady From Shanghai) [Roemheld, Heinz]     
Main Title Theme (Touch Of Evil) [Mancini, Henry]     
Marlowe's Theme (Farewell, My Lovely) [Shire, David]     
Mrs. Dietrichson/ The Conspiracy (Double Indemnity) [Rosza, Miklos]     
Mulholland Drive/Love Theme (Mulholland Drive) [Badalamenti, Angelo]     
Mysteries Of Love (Blue Velvet) [Badalamenti, Angelo]     
Prelude (Cape Fear) [Herrmann, Bernard]     
Sunset Boulevard Cast (Sunset Boulevard) [Waxman, Franz]     
The Big Fat Kill (Sin City) [Debney, John]     
The Shower (Dressed To Kill) [Donaggio, Pino]     
The Trial Of Ed Crane (The Man Who Wasn't There) [Burwell, Carter]     
The Victor (L.A. Confidential) [Goldsmith, Jerry]    

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Music From The Movies: Film Noir

Music From The Movies: Film Noir

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