A Modern Method for Violin Scales (book/Audio Online)

Ref.: Rob Thomas

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Publisher: Berklee Press
Format: Softcover Audio Online

Develop mastery and control over the violin fingerboard, in all keys. Whether you are playing classical, jazz, fiddle tunes, or other styles, these twenty-first century strategies can significantly improve your technique and musicality, and provide the foundation for improvisation.

Play-along audio tracks are included for accompaniment, as you begin to explore this previously uncharted but essential territory. This approach is core to Berklee’s violin curriculum.

In this book, you will find:
 • Fingering strategies for comfortably playing in all keys
 • Scale diagrams for easily visualizing your fingerboard
 • Major, minor, and pentatonic scales, modes, and arpeggios
 • Etudes applying these scales and arpeggios in an improvisational context
 • Essential chord and scale relationships that are useful for improvising
 • Exercises to help memorize and internalize the scales

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