The Rhythm Guitar Workout (book/CD)

  • Autore Andrew Gordon

ADG Productions

Rhythm Guitar Workout gives guitarists the opportunity to practice rhythm guitar techniques over common chord progressions while playing along to rhythm tracks of keyboards, bass and drums in various different contemporary styles including Blues, Rock, Funk and Latin. The examples in the book (music notation & tablature) range from advanced/beginner through to intermediate and advanced levels, There are 70 different examples consisting of a variety of tempos and keys.
The audio CD that comes with the book has each example recorded three times, the first time. is the guitar rhythm part playing along with the rhythm backing tracks, the second time has just the rhythm backing tracks playing so that the guitarist can play the rhythm part along with the backing tracks and the third time has just the rhythm guitar part played at a slowed down tempo along with a metronome click.
The CD also contains 70, one minute play-a-long tracks in mp3 format.

Andrew G. Gordon

24,90 € tax incl.

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