How to Play R&B Soul Keyboards (book/Audio Online)

Ref.: Henry Brewer

New product

Publisher : Hal Leonard
Format: Softcover Audio Online
Author: Henry Brewer
This step-by step guide will help you develop the skills essential for a stylistic performance. The hands-on instruction presents information on patterns, grooves, rhythms, keyboard instrumentation, and much more. Gospel stylings are discussed in detail, as is the role of the keyboard both as a solo instrument and in the context of an instrumental ensemble.
You'll learn how to play intros, how to vary articulation appropriately according to musical genre, and how to play multiple keyboards simultaneously.
Historical information on the roots of the R&B soul musical style is presented, along with lists of recommended books, recordings and videos. It's all here in a single indispensable volume.

18,90 € tasse incl.


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