The Soul of Hand Drumming (book/CD)

  • Autore Doug Sole

Mel Bay Publications

The hand drummers bible. Designed for use with any style hand drum, this book contains rhythms for percussion ensembles and solo hand drummers. Two styles of easy to understand notation are used. Includes information on playing positions and how to create varied sounds on a vast array of ethnic percussion instruments. A companion CD is included with this book.  

1) Tuning and care of head
2) Notation
3) The Sounds. Small & Large Hand Drums. Unique Hand Drums
4) Mastering Sounds. The Warm-Up/Practice Routine. Introducing Emphasis. Introducing Two Sounds and Accents. Introducing Three Sounds and Accents. Introducing Three Note Groupings. Introducing heel-toe. Introducing heel-toe in three note groupings. Introducing double stroke heel-toe
5) Traditional Patterns
6) Worlds Beat Circle Drumming

Doug Sole

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