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Woody Herman - Early Autumn

Ref.: Woody Herman

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Publisher: Hal Leonard
Series: Woody Herman (Jazz Ensemble)
Composers: Woody Herman, Ralph Burns
Level: 4

Unquestionably one of the most refined masterpieces of jazz, this slow ballad features the completely written out quiet lyricism and beautifully constructed tenor sax solo as played by Stan Getz. And an alto solo as played by Woody Herman!

Full Score
1st Eb Lead Alto Sax
2nd Bb Lead Tenor Sax
3 Tenor Sax
3 Eb Alto Sax Optional
4 Bb Tenor Sax 
5 Baritone Sax 
1st Bb Trumpet
2nd Bb Trumpet
3rd Bb Trumpet
4th Bb Trumpet
5th Bb Trumpet
1st Trombone
2nd Trombone
3rd Trombone
4th Trombone

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