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Jazz Bible Of Coordination

Ref.: Joel Rothman

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Autore: Joel Rothman

J.R. Publications
Joel Rothman: Jazz Bible Of Coordination (For Swingin' Drummers )

Ever since Joel Rothman's book, "The Rock and Roll Bible of Coordination", was first published, there have been many requests for a companion book in the jazz vein. The Jazz Bible of Coordination is the result of those requests.
The first three sections of The Jazz Bible follow a highly developmental and easy-to-read formula.

Each of the first three sections is replete with practical exercises for use at the drum set. A fourth and final section provides a taste of some other topics including jazz coordination with the hi hat, coordination with 12/8 feel, coordination patterns in three, cymbal variations, and short jazz breaks.

Section one: coordination patterns between the cymbal and bass drum
Section two: coordination patterns between the cymbal and snare drum
Section three: coordination patterns between the cymbal, snare and bass
Section four: miscellaneous studies

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