Berklee Guitar Style Studies (book/Audio Video Online)

Ref.: Jim Kelly

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Publisher: Berklee Press
Jazz, Rock Blues, Funk, Latin and R&B  
Format: Softcover Media Online

Learn to play rock, blues, jazz, funk, Latin, R&B, and other styles! Each of these twenty studies features the characteristic rhythms and techniques of a distinct musical style. You will expand your palette of sounds and approaches to the guitar. This will help you to become more versatile in your playing and to develop your own unique voice as a guitarist.

Besides illustrating different styles of guitar playing, they are performance ready: fun to play, facilitating soloing/jamming, and with arrangements that are relatively easy for a band to pick up. They span a wide range of playing levels, from beginner to advanced.

Each study includes an introduction to the style and the specific piece, with a fully notated guitar part and a lead sheet. Accompanying audio includes performance and play-along tracks (full band and rhythm section, minus guitar). Our Online Access media tool lets you change the keys and tempos, as you practice. Ten of the studies also include video workshops, where Jim gives more detailed lessons about the featured styles and techniques, plus full performances featuring close-ups of his hands—over an hour’s worth of video instruction.

You will learn to:
 •  Play twenty tunes in a wide variety of styles, appropriate for performance
 •  Explore the styles and techniques of guitarists such as Jeff Beck, Mike Stern, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Stevie Ray Vaughan
 • Interpret a variety of notation approaches: traditional staff notations, guitar tablature, and lead sheet notation
 •  Identify how different approaches to picking and strumming style, articulation, instrument, comping, and other factors help create a distinct sound and feel
 •  Develop your own approaches and phrase your own solos by using the techniques of master guitar players.

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Berklee Guitar Style Studies (book/Audio Video Online)

Berklee Guitar Style Studies (book/Audio Video Online)

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