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Beginner's Guitar Lessons: The Essential Guide

Ref.: Joseph Alexander

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Publisher : Fundamental Changes
Authors : Joseph Alexander
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This book teaches you to play the right way from the first time you pick up the instrument. Learn to hold and strum the Guitar, play in time, change chords, finger pick plus much more.

As a Guitar teacher, time and time again I see adult guitarists who have come to a road block in their playing. It may be speed, changing chords, rhythm, or many other obstacles that were created when they first started learning. Most often, the student doesn’t even know what the problem is, or why it’s occurring.
By learning the correct skills early on, you will avoid many common challenges later in your development.

Beginner’s Guitar Lessons: The Essential Guide contains:
Many Clear Diagrams
 Downloadable Audio of Each Example (50 separate audio tracks)
 Complete Method to Learn Chords and Smoothly Change Between them
 The Correct way to Strum in Time
 Finger Picking Examples
 Modern, Fun Chord Progressions to Practice
 How to Read Chord Charts and Guitar Tablature (Tab)

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