Jazz Vocal Improvisation (book/Audio Online)

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Publisher: Berklee Press Publications
Jazz Vocal Improvisation - An Instrumental Approach

Learn the art of jazz vocal improvisation! This book will help you hear, understand and apply jazz theory so that you can solo as a complete musician—in the same way that instrumentalists do. Each lesson offers a core musical concept related to harmony, melody, and rhythm, integrating skills such as conducting and analysis. All concepts are reinforced with practical exercises. The accompanying audio tracks demonstrate techniques and let you practice improvising along with a piano accompaniment.

You will learn to:
•  Develop your sense of timing and swing
•  Understand jazz harmony, such as tensions and non-diatonic chords, as well as chord progressions such as II V and cycle V progressions, and use harmony as your basis for creating expressive solos
•  Navigate song forms, such as AABA, blues forms, turnarounds, and other common jazz structures
•  Improve your ear for jazz harmony through studying intervals and chord progressions, and by memorizing emblematic jazz melodic patterns
•  Create expressive vocal lines that work well over jazz chords and integrate well within the context of a jazz ensemble

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