Gilson de Assis - The Berimbau (book/DVD+CD) Visualizza ingrandito

Gilson de Assis - The Berimbau (book/DVD+CD)

Ref.: Gilson de Assis

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Publisher: Edition Gruber
Language: German, English, Portuguese

Author: Gilson de Assis

This book wants to make the reader aware of how this instrument can be used at various occasions: for making music at home, for accompanying dance classes, for playing in rodas de capoeira or as a solo instrument on stage.

Mastering the berimbau is not an easy task to accomplish. Nevertheless, a strong will and stamina will make you reach this goal. And now: Have fun and enjoy the berimbau!

Posture, technique, exercises, accompaniment 
Traditional Toques und variations 
Toques and songs 
Brazilian and pop rhytms for berimbau 
Traditional toques in odd meters 
Toques for 3 berimbaus 
Compositions for berimbau and additional instruments

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