Rock & Pop Exams: Vocals Grade 8 Female from 2018 (book/download) Visualizza ingrandito

Rock & Pop Exams: Vocals Grade 8 Female from 2018 (book/download)

Ref.: Trinity College London

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Trinity College London
Vocals Rock & Pop Grade 8 Female from 2018
Difficulty: Advanced
Series: Rock & Pop from 2018

The Rock & Pop books are available for Initial to Grade 8 and each includes eight songs with performance hints and tips. There’s also useful background information so you can explore the story behind, and techniques used in, the songs.

The exams are supported by a range of resources that provide essential support for learners:
 • graded songbooks containing all the songs needed for the exam, and performance tips and background information on the songs
 • demo and backing tracks for the songs in the books, as downloads

23,90 € tasse incl.


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