Drumming in All Directions

Ref.: David Dieni

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A System for Achieving Creative Control (Volume 1)
Series: Percussion
Author: David Dieni
“A systematic approach to challenge your hands and feet!” –Dom Famularo

Drumming in All Directions is a groundbreaking system for developing all-limb freedom and creative control at the kit. It offers a more holistic, fundamental approach than traditional methods by using techniques of natural motion and balance to coordinate limb motions instead of patterns. The Limb Matrix provides a progressive ordering of all the motions. These are developed by a series of Control Workouts, each based on a unique rhythm-melody. You'll stretch your musical imagination with Groove Melodies, and then push your control by adding time keeping patterns to the limb motions.
By combining basic motions with elemental rhythms-melodies, DID develops the muscle memory and playing experience for a solid coordination technique. You'll embark on a journey from simple coordination to interdependence. You'll achieve a new freedom that really is drumming in all directions!

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