Pop Keyboard Concepts (book/Audio Online)

Ref.: Christian Klikovits

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Publisher: Musicians Institute Press
Format: Softcover Audio Online  
Author: Christian Klikovits
Do you play acoustic piano? Electronic keyboard? Hammond organ? Clavinet? Is your preferred genre pop? Rock? R&B? Funk? Soul? Folk? If you answered yes to any of these, this publication is for you. Pop Keyboard Concepts is the go-to book for all keyboard practitioners of popular music. This book covers all the basics, from scales and chord progressions to rhythm and melody. But the real meat of the book comes in “Practical Application.” Here, you'll learn about comping patterns, harmonized scales, and how to solo in a variety of styles – from funk to dance groove to R&B.
Demo tracks for all the exercises are accessed online for download or streaming using the unique code in each book.  

Topics include:
scale types and application
chord types and progressions
 rhythmic subdivision and syncopation
 improvisation concepts
 comping patterns
 ideas for soloing
and more.

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