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Flamenco Improvisation: Vol. 2

Ref.: Enrique Vargas

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Publisher: Sher Music
The definitive, comprehensive explanation of both the harmonic and melodic aspects of flamenco!
Published in 3 Volumes, over 1000 pages total - a monumental musical achievement!

VOLUME 2 - Main Flamenco Modes and their Melodic and Harmonic Aspects
This volume deals with the main flamenco modes extracted from the Arabic modal system, Maqam. First, the concept of tetrachordal modal construction is introduced. The ten main flamenco modes are explained, and the concept of advanced, horizontal left-hand fingerings for guitar is introduced.
Since modern flamenco harmony is heavily influenced by jazz, the concept of harmonic substitutions is introduced. Different types of harmonic substitutions are analyzed and four types of cadences are explained. The use of "add chords" in flamenco tonalities is presented and various examples of traditional flamenco forms are harmonized, with a detailed explanation of the harmonic substitutions being applied.
Appendix I contains 55 licks in the main flamenco modes. These licks are harmonized and each come with complete guitar fingerings.
Appendix II is a complete thesaurus of the flamenco modes in all of their vertical and horizontal guitar fingerings, and are written in every flamenco tonality.
321 pages!

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Sample Pages

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